Our farm is situated in the beautiful mid-Devon countryside, approximately 8 miles west of Tiverton. Many of the fields are bounded by traditional Devon banks topped with hedges; the River Dalch borders the north-west edge and a stream runs along the southerly boundary. These, together with areas which we are coppicing, the gorse banks, and the tracks, provide a rich and varied habitat.

We believe that the combination of the breeds we keep, how they are reared, and the environment, enables us to produce

Dexter Beef
Wiltshire Horn Lamb
Our beef and lamb is all produced from registered pedigree stock
Free-Range Sasso Chickens

How to buy our meat

Contact us direct by phone or e-mail

Subject to availability items can be collected from the farm or Farmers’ Market (see venues below).
We can also send further afield using a courier service. Meat is packed in wool-lined cardboard boxes which can be re-used or recycled. We encourage the re-use of the gel coolpacks which also help meat to arrive in perfect condition.

From a Farmers’ Market or a Food Fair

We attend regular weekly and monthly markets, as well as one-off events. Please contact us for further information. If you are making a special journey or you are looking for a particular cut or size it may be advisable to contact us with your order so we can reserve it for you. 

Upcott Farm | Nomansland | Tiverton | Devon | EX16 8NT | T: 01884 860892 | E: janet.dale@btconnect.com